Sides o' Beef

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Basic Information: 


The current costs are listed below:




These costs will only be increased in two cases:

  • Vacuum-packed packaging (instead of paper wrapped) will add an additional $0.20 per pound.

  • Special sorting (e.g. sorting the side into eighths or sixteenths will be an additional $0.20 per pound).



The Process: Only 4 steps to freezer full of fine beef!

1. Select the breed you are interested in and contact us using the form below.

2. We will contact you by email or telephone (based on your preference) and tell you if the selected breed is available. If it is a 'go', we will send you our recommended cut-sheet to which you will be able to add special requests*. After you have sent us an 'OK' on the cut-sheet and added any special requests, we will place you on the waiting list.

3. We will next contact you by email or telephone after we have sent the animal to our processor and know the hanging weight. You will be given the total cost at this contact, but you will not have to pay** until 3-4 weeks later when you pick up the beef from our freezers at the ranch.

4. Pick up the beef, and enjoy!

*We will endeavor to get those requests fulfilled, but we cannot guarantee them because the cutting, freezing, and inspection process is taken care of entirely by our processor.

** We accept all payment types, but there will be a 3% surcharge for credit cards, debit cards, and Paypal.





What is the relationship between live weight, hanging weight, and packaged retail weight?

Live weight is the weight of the animal before processing. Hanging weight is about 60% of the live weight due to inedible removals. Packaged/retail/take-home weight is about 60% of the hanging weight due to moisture loss during dry aging and fat-trimming.


As an example, our last animal Angus #294 had a live weight of 1665 pounds. The butcher told us the hanging weight was 999  pounds (exactly 60% of 1665), and we received 550 pounds of packaged beef (55% of 999 pounds).


We charge based on hanging weight for two primary reasons:

1. To have a price well before it is time to pick up the beef (granting a 10+ day payment period).

2. It is a more reliable mode of measuring the beef. Moisture loss during dry aging is not an exact process. More moisture loss results in lesser weights but greater taste, while less moisture loss results in more beef but not as much taste. We prefer the 'less-beef-and-greater-taste approach', and as such, do not want to cut the hanging period shorter to earn an extra buck. Hence, our selecting hanging weight NOT packaged weight as the mode of measurement; it allows us to be impartial in the post-butchering process. 


Do I need to make a deposit?

At this time, no deposit is required.  


How long does this process usually take?

This varies, but the general figure is that after the cow has been sent to our processor, it will take about 1-2 days for processing, 2-3 weeks for hanging (hanging allows for dry-aging to take place, which increases quality, flavor, and freezability of beef), and 2-3 days for freezing. The largest factor in wait-time comes down to your place on the waiting list and breed availability.


What is the breed of cattle?

Presently, we are offering Angus, Angus-hybrids, Belgian Blue, Belgian Blue-hybrids, and Wagyu cattle. No matter the animal, we can provide at least two generation's worth of genetic records.


How much freezer space will I need?

From our experience here at Master Blend, a whole cow usually takes up a full 19.8 cubic feet chest freezer. So, for a half-cow it would be reasonable to expect ~ 10 cubic feet of fill. 


How should I transport this beef home?

We generally transport ours in an air-conditioned van. However, if the transport is performed on a cool day, a pickup truck could easily get the job done.


How long does frozen beef last?

Nettles packages beef in a combination of butcher's paper and plastic wrap. Though this is not as fancy in appearance as shrink-wrapped beef, it helps stave off freezer burn and the beef retains all of its delicious properties indefinitely in temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.