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The BlUe

The Blue is a breed of cattle characterized by short white or roan-colored fur and, as seen to the image on the right, by their extreme musculature. A relatively young variety of cattle, American (and British) Blues stemmed from Belgian Blues which originated in central and upper Belgium during the early 1800’s when local cattle – oftentimes Charolais – were crossed with British Durham Shorthorns. The objective was to create a better dairy/draft animal, and it was an intent well-fulfilled.


Indeed, it was not until the 1950’s that the present day beef variety of Blue was brought about by a Belgian geneticist named Roger Hanset. The professor utilized his knowledge of AI and Genetics to strive for rapid growth and greater carcass yield. One could say that Hanset was almost too successful in both regards, considering that Caesarean operations (C-sections) are now commonly required when it comes to calving time for traditional Belgian Blues.


Fortunately, at Masterblend Beef, our Blues are either hybrid or are sired by American and/or British bulls (selected for their ‘calving-ease’ alongside massive gains and yield). As for the meat that is yielded, Blue beef possesses excellent tenderness due to the thinness of its muscle fibers (low shear value), and it is perhaps the most lean and healthy meat on the market – rivaled only by Piedmontese.

Interested? Check our available selection here:

(Above) James du Journal, A Belgian Blue sire used by Master Blend Cattle Company.

(Below) Baleine de Journal, Jame's Dam and consequently a near perfect representation of females belonging to the Belgian Blue breed.

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