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From our Pasture to your P(A)late

Quality, Novelty, and Full Disclosure.

At Master Blend Cattle Company, we guarantee that our beef is:

  • Free Range / Free Choice

  • Hormone and Antibiotic Free

  • Local Grown here in Ocala, FL

  • Inspected, packaged, and frozen at a USDA approved facility.

On request, information can be provided for each animal, including:

  • Full health records

  • An in-depth history of lineage

  • Genetic test results - showing the traits that make our product unique in so many ways.

Want to give the gift of local grown pasture-to-plate beef?

Gift Cards are available.

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At Master Blend Cattle Company, we endeavor to provide reliable, safe, and unique options that can be found nowhere else within the pasture-to-plate beef industry. Our current roster includes Wagyu, Blue, & Angus Beef, and more are on the way. Check out our socials for the latest news and special offers:

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We enjoy cooking our beef as much as you do. As such, we have begun to compile a collection of our favorite beef-related cooking methods and recipes. Feel free to browse, comment, or even provide your own methods and recipes at our up-and-running:


Our Cuts

A safari of Gastronomy

Our goal at Master Blend  is simple. We want to grant our customers a chance to taste something that is truly unique, and we want that something to be of the greatest possible quality – quality that we ourselves enjoy on a regular basis and can therefore stand fully behind. That "something" is pure, unadulterated beef harvested from a variety of cattle who are allowed to live as they were meant to: freely choosing between our organic pastures, environmentally sustainable  ration, or both.

4 breeds of Cattle

& more on the WAy

A Roster of 20+ cuts