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From our Pasture to your P(A)late

Quality, Novelty, and Full Disclosure.

At Master Blend Cattle Company, we guarantee that our beef is:

  • Free Range / Free Choice

  • Hormone and Antibiotic Free

  • Local Grown here in Ocala, FL

  • Inspected, packaged, and frozen at a USDA approved facility.

On request, information can be provided for each animal, including:

  • Full health records

  • An in-depth history of lineage

  • Genetic test results - showing the traits that make our product unique in so many ways.

Want to give the gift of local grown pasture-to-plate beef?

Gift Cards are available.

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At Master Blend Cattle Company, we endeavor to provide reliable, safe, and unique options that can be found nowhere else within the pasture-to-plate beef industry. Our current roster includes Wagyu, Blue, & Angus Beef, and more are on the way. Check out our socials for the latest news and special offers:

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We enjoy cooking our beef as much as you do. As such, we have begun to compile a collection of our favorite beef-related cooking methods and recipes. Feel free to browse, comment, or even provide your own methods and recipes at our up-and-running:


Our Cuts

A safari of Gastronomy

Our goal at Master Blend  is simple. We want to grant our customers a chance to taste something that is truly unique, and we want that something to be of the greatest possible quality – quality that we ourselves enjoy on a regular basis and can therefore stand fully behind. That "something" is pure, unadulterated beef harvested from a variety of cattle who are allowed to live as they were meant to: freely choosing between our organic pastures, environmentally sustainable  ration, or both.

4 breeds of Cattle

& more on the WAy

A Roster of 20+ cuts

  • Full transparency.

See the difference through our vacuum-packing. Rich burgundy and ivory marbling indicate the positive effect of cattle being allowed to freely choose between grass and ration.

  • Every cut is dry-aged.

To ensure maximum tenderness and flavor, all of our beef is dry-aged for 7+ days before cutting.

  • USDA-inspected.

Not only is our beef cut, packaged, and frozen at a USDA-inspected facility. The beef itself has been inspected and approved by a certified USDA official.

Experience Master Blend

Would you like it rich, lean, or somewhere in-between? Browse our à la carte 'cattlelogue' to see what we have in stock and our pricing-per-pound (updated on a day-to-day basis). Customers interested in making an online order can access our order form by clicking the 'Order Here' button.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Just a little bit more. Some folks know what they want, and they want plenty of it. Click below to learn more about our Quarter and Half-sides - a way to fill your freezer with the finest of fare.

Our current roster of sides includes: Belgian Blue, Wagyner Blue, and F1 Wagyu.

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If you have any comments or feedback that others may benefit from, feel free to leave it in this comment box.

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