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The Master Blend Composite Index is comprised of the following:

ZI Zoetis Index:

A fully weighted average derived from genetic tests performed by Zoetis that focus on marbling, yield grade, and tenderness.


PM Pedigree Merit               

The percentile ranking of the animal’s lineage based upon the specific breed’s unique attributes. This contributing factor to the index is divided by three thereby making 33.3 the highest possible score an animal can have.


GH General Health               

A composite index that integrates many possible variations of an animal’s health (weighted by age of incidence, condition, and duration) as well as the animal’s weaning score (ranged from 1 to 11).  This composite is specifically designed to factor in possible contributions and detractions to an animal’s health by both environmental and genetic factors. At Master Blend Cattle Company, we use the GH index to obtain an overview of our herd’s health and make breeding decisions. However, we have also opted to share these scores with you, the consumer, to show just how healthy our animals truly are. This contributing factor to the overall indexing system is divided by two thereby making 50.5 the highest possible score an animal can obtain.

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