Treat your tongue with a venture into novelty. This box contains between 10 and 15 pounds of our free-range & free-choice, locally grown beef. A detailed breakdown of the cuts included can be found below:



2x   1.25" Ribeyes -- (1 package of 2 steaks) -- ~2 - 4 pounds


2x   New York Strips -- (1 package of 2 steaks) -- ~2 - 4 pounds



1x   Oven OR* Pot Roast -- ~3 - 4 pounds


Other cuts:

1x   Pack of Ground Beef -- 2 pounds

1x   Farmer's Choice -- ~1 - 3 pounds **


* Breed & cut are selected based on current inventory.

** A hand-selected favorite that will be included if weight and space permits.

The Venture

  • Shipping will become available in the near future. For now, though, pickups are to be made at the Master Blend Freezer Room on Saturdays, 9 - 11 AM*. Please note that our opening date is set for June 4th.

    *If you cannot make it on this day or during these hours, please send an email to OR call (352)807-5709. We will always endeavor to respond within 24 hours.